How to Create a Modern Home

by - Friday, November 09, 2018

There are many elements to consider when designing a contemporary home. Not only must you select the right furniture design, but you also must choose your colors, textures and fabrics wisely.
There are also some contemporary features that can help to elevate your décor, which you will proudly show off to your guests. If you are looking for interior inspiration, learn how to create a modern home.

Simplicity is Key

Less is often more when it comes to developing a contemporary home. Filling your home with endless clutter will not only add chaos to your décor, but various studies have found that it can also increase your stress levels.

Stripping your home back to the essentials can consequently eliminate some of the physical tension. However, simplicity doesn’t necessarily mean a lack of personality. It just means choosing your colors, accessories and furniture wisely.

Focus on Function

Another factor to bear in mind is function. While rooms should feature clean lines and carefully selected artwork and accessories, it must also be functional, so everything must be easily accessible and organized. Visit this modern furniture store to find products that will ensure your home has endless space and storage, such as convertible bed systems and modular sofas.

An Open Floor Plan

Modern homes should be light and airy, which is why an open floor plan is ideal for developing a contemporary space. Create a home that blurs the lines between the living room, kitchen or dining room, as it will provide you with more natural light and floor space.

It is also common for modern homes to feature adjoining alfresco spaces, which also include either large glass doors or bi-fold options to enhance the feeling of openness.

A Neutral Color Scheme with a Splash of Color

As mentioned, simplicity is key when developing a modern home, which is why many people tend to opt for a neutral color scheme when decorating.

However, you shouldn’t be afraid to add a splash of color into the space, which can provide a property with personality. For example, you can add color using vibrant artwork, pillows or a rug.

Make a Statement with Your Flooring

The flooring you choose will determine your contemporary design. Create a beautiful finish by installing either bare, hardwood flooring, polished concrete or large tiles. You can also break up the design and enjoy a little warmth by laying down an area rug.

Incorporate Organic Materials

The most beautiful modern homes offer an amalgamation of indoor and outdoor elements. For instance, you shouldn’t be afraid to incorporate wood, rock or marble textiles, or other organic materials, which will help to bring your interior design to life.

Top It Off with Technology

Contemporary homes should not only be simple and effortlessly stylish, but they must be forward-thinking. Complement your décor by investing in cool technologies, such as a flat screen TV or a smart speaker, as nothing will detract from your design more than a bulky television set or an outdated CD player.

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