Six Reasons Why Traveling is Good for You

by - Monday, November 19, 2018

It sounds great, doesn’t it? Traveling to new places, seeing and learning new things about the world, and replenishing the energy in your body and mind. Well, that is exactly what traveling can do for you, plus more! Experiencing new cultures, as well as spending time holidaying in places you have been to before, can have a profound effect on how you feel. So, if you are looking for reasons to head out for your next holiday, this guide shows you some of the benefits traveling brings to your health and well-being!

1. New Experiences

Any time you go on holiday, whether it is villa holidays, adventure vacations or relaxing retreats, you open yourself up to having new experiences.

What new experiences can do:

· Give you a taste of what it is like to live somewhere other than your hometown, or country
· Can see you immerse yourself in a new language
· Can see you eat new foods and try new things you may not have otherwise known about
New experiences push you and help you to grow, enriching your life and helping you to feel more fulfilled.

2. Education

When we travel, we are always learning. You might find a new interest in learning salsa dancing, for example, or find that you are beginning to learn a language. This brings health benefits because when we learn new things, we improve the way our brain functions. Our capacity for learning is greater, and it leaves us feeling fulfilled and open to new challenges.

Being immersed in another culture and seeing things differently can also help us unleash our creativity, and is great for helping release any blocks that have been holding us back. It can even make us more productive when back in the workplace too!

3. Make New Friends

If you go traveling you are likely to be spending time with people you don’t know. Whether it is a group outing or a couple who you sit next to in a restaurant, there is always the opportunity to make new friends. Some people who you meet while on holiday might also become life-long friends!

For those of us who might not be confident socially, traveling forces us to interact with people who we might not usually encounter, and can help develop those social skills that can benefit us in any area of life.

4. Lowers Stress

Taking at least one holiday per year can significantly lower stress levels, by giving you a much-needed break from work and the daily grind that most of us face. Taking time out and spending time in another place, doing different things helps you to feel happy and relaxed.

5. Improves Resilience

When traveling, there are often challenges to face and times when things do not go smoothly. You might have something stolen, or miss your train, or have to urgently find a pharmacist. All of these things present challenges and problems, and this helps us grow in resilience, be adaptable and flexible in order to solve them.

This benefits us after our vacation too, as we can use our new skills in our daily lives. It is often mental strength and grit that gets us through tough times, and that is something that can only be learned through experience.

6. Perspective

When you travel, it gives you a fresh perspective on your life. It gives you a chance to focus on what your goals are, what is meaningful to you and what aspects of life you would like to change.
When traveling, you get to see how other people live and depending of your destination; it can be a humbling experience that makes you appreciate the good things you have in your life that you may take for granted.

After returning from a holiday, some of us can feel a little blue, and that is understandable if you have swapped a white, sandy beach for the dirty urban subway as you begin your daily commute once more. However, try to remember what it was that made you feel happy while you were on holiday, and try to incorporate that into your daily life. For example, you might have enjoyed fruit for breakfast every day, doing some quiet yoga practice or simply liked spending more time with your partner. Make a few changes so you can enjoy more of those things in your daily life, to help you keep them happy and relaxed mood you gained from your holiday.

Another way to build your happiness is to plan your next trip! So start thinking about all those destinations you’d love to see and start to research your next fabulous holiday!

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