Best Dressed Kids: How to Style Your Children

by - Monday, April 08, 2019

Have you noticed how more and more kids can rock stylish looks like true fashion lovers? Thanks to more fashion items for kids, children today are able to look more fashionable than ever. It’s not just their moms picking the right outfits to wear either. Children today are more creative when it comes to the outfits they wear; we have the internet to thank [or to blame] for that.

With more access to Instagram celebrities, style guides, and a wealth of other resources online, children have more ways to look fashionable than ever. Nevertheless, you can still steer your children’s fashion senses towards a look you too will love. These style tips will help you get started with helping your kids pick the best outfits to wear.

Get Them Involved

Gone are the days of parents deciding what the children should wear. As mentioned before, children today are more exposed to inspiration and fashion ideas than us, so get them involved in choosing the outfits to wear and you’ll be surprised by the ideas they bring to the table.

Getting the kids involved in choosing outfits and deciding what to wear is a lot of fun too. You can turn an afternoon into an exciting shopping spree. Spending hours browsing through online catalogs of retailers like NICKIS.com and admiring the details of kids’ fashion pieces is a lot of fun too.

Yes, you can still steer your children towards certain tools or styles but give them enough room to be creative and you’ll love what they can pull off. Besides, letting kids choose what to wear is a great way to teach them how to be confident and comfortable as themselves.

Go for Timeless Pieces

Similar to how we go for little black dresses, neutral prints, and jeans to create timeless looks, it is also a good idea to go for timeless fashion pieces when styling your children. Remember that kids grow up so quickly, so you want to make every purchase count when it comes to clothes and accessories.

Thanks to the growing number of fashion pieces for children, including designer items from brands like Dolce & Gabbana Kids, the right pieces are always easy to find. Regardless of the look you want the kids to rock, you can always find suitable pieces to get them.

Don’t limit yourself to fashion pieces when looking for timeless pieces that can be worn as part of different looks. Shoes, accessories, and other elements of the kids’ looks can be as timeless as the looks themselves; you just have to be smart with your purchases.

Keep It Simple

One thing you must not do when styling the children is overcomplicating their looks. Yes, you can go with trendy styles or chic looks, but kids are kids; they still need to show their age, even when they are dressing like a true fashionista.

Keep the styles simple. Stick with one or two colors, limit patterns, and prints, and make sure you go with elements that complement each other well. Adding too many accessories, introducing large jewelry pieces to the look, and mixing bright colors with no real intent are best avoided when styling kids.

You also have to be aware of the complexity of the outfit. Too complex an outfit can turn a gorgeous look into an accident waiting to happen. Dangling accessories, heavy pieces, and other items that are not 100% suitable for children are best avoided entirely.

Comfort First

That actually brings us to our next tip: think about comfort. Your kids need to be comfortable in order to feel confident. More importantly, their comfort level will determine the kids’ natural aura as they wear the outfit you choose together.

You also have to think about the things your children will do while wearing the outfit. If they will be running around, you may want to avoid layered outfits and materials that aren’t breathable.

Also, be sure to consider the weather and how the clothing your children wear affects their comfort level in the situation. I know there are a lot of details to take into account, but they are details worth considering when choosing outfits for the kids.

Show Your Shopping Prowess

Fashion items for kids can be just as expensive as those for adults, so you have to be as smart when shopping for outfits for your children. If you are shopping online, you have already won half the battle. Online retailers tend to offer better prices and plenty of deals to benefit from.

Speaking of deals, make sure you search for coupon codes and extra discounts before making purchases. Coupon sites, review sites, and online communities of moms are filled with coupons and information on deals from top children’s fashion retailers.

Timing your shopping sprees helps too. Buying off-season items lets you benefit from lower prices and more discounts. Just make sure you don’t shop too early since kids grow so quickly; after a few tries, you’ll get the hang of it.

Don’t Forget the Sizes

Last but not least, a great look is something that your children can rock easily when the fashion items are in the right size. Baggy jeans or oversized T-shirts – or ones that are too small – are certainly not the way to go.

Fashion retailers that sell items for kids tend to be more detailed about the measurements of their products. Simply follow the detailed guide on how to determine the right sizes for your kids, and you can always choose the perfect size every time. You also have a relaxed return policy just in case.

Size also affects comfort, so it is a factor that you need to pay attention to when shopping. Similar to finding deals and timing your purchases, you’ll get better at choosing the right sizes the more you shop for your children online.

With these tips in mind, nothing is impossible. Your children can be as fashionable as they want without feeling uncomfortable or looking older than they really are. And you? You can be the proud mom standing next to them. 

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