Why are Women Losing Interest in Sex?

by - Friday, May 17, 2019

Have you recently asked yourself this question? Fear losing your partner due to a lack of sex with him? Unable to figure out why you’re losing your sex drive? If yes, then, you, my dear, are not alone. 

Thousands, if not millions, of women around the world have had the same inhibitions as you at some point in their lives. Generally, low libido in women occurs during the years before and after menopause. But, a low sex drive can affect women of any age. So, what’s causing you to lose your sex drive? Let’s investigate!

What’s Causing You to Experience Low Sex Drive?

According to a recent study, women are twice as likely to be turned off by sex than men. Even without going into the science of things, we can conclude that men want sex more than the fairer sex. Yes, men too lose their libido or sex-drive, but unlike women, their causes for it are almost always health-related. So, why do women stray away from sexual activity with their partner? There are many reasons for this but we’re going to discuss the most common causes of low libido in women—of all ages.

An Unsatisfactory Life

Give most men sex and they’ll be happy, but women don’t function the same way. They want a lot more from life—love, compassion, appreciation, care, protection—the list is endless. When women don’t get all that they want from life, they start to feel stressed and dissatisfied from life. This often leads them to have a low sex drive. What I’m about to say is true for most women—women want everything to be perfectly in place including their life before they can even think about having sex with their partner. If even one thing is out of place, women will immediately start to reconsider their plans of sex with their partner.

Heard that popular song by Cyndi Lauper, “Girls Just Want to Have Fun’? You probably have! Not only is it a popular song, but it is also a metaphor for what women want from life. Women hate being bored and when this experience lasts longer than wanted, it causes them to feel general dissatisfaction. A woman bored with life won’t be engaging—or there’s little chance of it happening, in sexual activity with her partner.

Want to lower boredom in your life or marriage? Then plan something fun with your partner or go on a date with him. When was the last time you did the latter? I’m betting it was weeks or even months ago. If you don’t spice up your relationship with your partner, then the two of you will be nothing more than a room or home mates.

The secret to keeping sex in your relationship alive — and I tell this to most women, is doing the following: Have regular dates with your partner, hang out with him, travel with him and do everything you two were doing together before you got married or moved in with each other. Do this and you will experience at least a minor increase in your sex drive — I guarantee it!

A Lack of Excitement

I’m going to take you back to biology 101 class — the neurotransmitter dopamine is what fuels the desire for sex in both men and women. And, what invigorates the neurotransmitter dopamine in us? The feelings of excitement and anticipation. So, if you’re not excited by the prospect of sex with your partner, then no one can get you to have sex with a partner. This has been proven time and again.
When women first get into a relationship or get married, their desire for sex is at its peak and this comes from curiosity i.e. being curious about the sex they’ll get. This curiosity leads to excitement and a woman excited by the idea of sex will almost always look to engage in sexual activity. However, over the years and as the relationship with their partner gets old, women tend to become less curious about the sex with their partner. After all, they have a pretty good idea of what they’re going to get.

Therefore, they aren’t as excited about sex as they were during the early years of their marriage or relationship. Yes, menopause is a major reason for a lack of sex drive in middle-aged or older women. However, it isn’t the only cause of low-libido in these women. A lack of excitement in the relationship is equally to blame for it. The solution? Talk to your partner and try to spice up your sex life with new positions, foreplay or having sex in different places. Just do something new or different in your sex life!

It Might Not Be You After All

What do I mean by this? I mean that the problem might not be with you. Instead, it could be your partner who is at fault. Just like women, men too can suffer from a low sex drive. This decreased interest in sexual activity is scientifically referred to as low libido. What causes low libido in men? This informational post explains the issues men face while also providing tips that could help your partner in boosting his sex drive.

First of all, it’s perfectly normal for men to lose interest in sex at various points in their lives. Secondly, there are several things that can cause low libido in men including physical issues such as low testosterone, a lack of exercise, side-effects of prescription medicines, and drug and/or alcohol use. In addition to physical issues, psychological issues can also cause low libido in men.

The psychological issues that could be causing your partner to experience low sex drive include stress, depression, and problems in your relationship. Also, if your partner is in his mid-40s, then his low sex drive could be age-related. This is because low libido is more common in men aged 45 or older.

Your low sex drive can be due to a number of reasons. But, regardless of what caused it, you can always overcome a low sex drive. 

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