Three Great Reasons To Add Hemp To Your Life

by - Monday, August 19, 2019

The humble hemp plant is one of the most widely misunderstood around - most people instantly think it’s simply cannabis, but the truth is that it’s a completely different strain, and has absolutely no psychotropic effects whatsoever. While it looks remarkably similar, it has several different uses and has rapidly become one of the most sought after natural products on the market; if you’re interested in ditching the chemicals in favor of something more gentle, then read on - we’ve got three great reasons to add hemp to your life. 

It Helps Ease Pain

Nano hemp is fantastic for easing pain, and is often used specifically for joint related conditions such as arthritis, and chronic back pain. It’s also a great muscle relaxant and is brilliant for helping with sports and fitness-related injuries. Research has shown that hemp interacts with the receptors in your brain, giving it anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects - meaning you can put put the paracetamol away, and reach for something super natural instead! To get the best pain relief possible from hemp, choose a topical balm or ointment and apply it to the affected area in the recommended dose - you could also try ingestion through capsules or an oral spray. 

It’s A Great Mood Stabiliser

Hemp wellness products, and nanotized hemp products, are possibly best known for their calming properties, and are wonderful for treating anything from anxiety and depression to the symptoms associated with the menopause and even mental illness. It’s been shown to have a positive effect on serotonin levels, which is the neurotransmitter responsible for keeping you calm and balanced, and is now being considered a viable alternative to chemical treatments. A tincture is a great way to use hemp if you suffer from low moods - simply place a few drops under your tongue during tough times and wait for your symptoms to ease. 

It Can Help To Aid Sleep

There’s nothing worse than insomnia; feeling like you’re ready for bed, only for your head to hit the pillow and your mind to start whirring. Over-the-counter and prescription sleep medication might solve the short-term problem, but they can also have unwanted side effects; you could experience dizziness, daytime drowsiness and changes in appetite - to name a few. 

Hemp is a great alternative; not only does it ease any anxieties that might be causing your insomnia, but it also interacts with the receptors in your brain that affect your sleeping and waking cycle, sending you off into a gentle slumber. Many hemp products designed to help you get a more restful sleep also include other natural products such as valerian root and peppermint oil, which all have wonderful properties of their own - you can even find bath products that contain hemp oil, so having a long soak in the evening followed by a hemp tincture or oral spray is bound to send you off to sleep in no time!

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