How to Help your Partner Renovate their Wardrobe

by - Friday, October 25, 2019

If your partner is experiencing a bit of a downer on their appearance and general look, then they may be after some help with a wardrobe overhaul. If you want to give them a full Fab Five makeover, complete with a French-tuck, then it’s helpful to be encouraging along the way. Try not to force your own style on them, but help them pick out new outfits and cosmetics that might benefit their look. Maybe even throwing in the odd present can help them feel more chipper about their style and wardrobe.

Find colors they can experiment with

If your partner has been hitherto sticking to blues, grays, and browns, they may have some colors that they have secretly always wanted to try. Trying out more vibrant colors or even shades that are considered ‘risky’ can feel like a massive step in anyone’s fashion repertoire, let alone for someone who is quite reserved. Going with them to try on new clothes, or giving considered opinions while they try on parcel deliveries could help them to boost their confidence in garments that would have hitherto seemed a bit outrageous.

When you start to branch out into new and exciting colors and textures, it’s important that you are encouraging and not patronizing. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and changing a partner’s style can take time. By being too forceful with your opinions on their look, you might accidentally turn them off the idea of any form of a wardrobe makeover, putting you right back to square one.

A new signature scent

The final flourish to your partner's new wardrobe could be a brand new signature scent. Having a cologne that makes them feel dressed-up and fancy could be the final confidence boost they need. If you’re unsure of what to buy them, then take a look through their current scent collection and find out what type of smells they tend to opt for. You may find that there’s a theme between light, musky, or woody scents. You can then find men's cologne at Maple Prime, which you can order online.

Find the root of the problem

If your quest for a better wardrobe for your partner has started as a result of their lack of style, then why not take the time to find out why they’ve so stubbornly rejected it until now? Finding the cause of their lack of fashion awareness could help you to adapt the changes in a way that is personal to them. For example, if they just don’t care about their wardrobe, then demonstrating how powerful a change of appearance can be will be your first priority in terms of tactics.

Helping your partner renovate their wardrobe may not be an overnight process. However, it’s important that you make it fun. Remember that it should be about feeling good, so a new cologne and a piece of clothing that makes them feel really confident should leave them feeling like a brand new person, not worse about themselves. 

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